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Office Health Risks Are Real...And Expensive

Stress, Cardiovascular Diseases & Low Back Pain are among the major causes for disability in the U.S. Sitting is called the new smoking, and working with tablets or mobile phones is leading to poor posture and neck pain. Disability and absenteeism can cost companies like you and the social security systems billions of dollars. 


Corporate Wellness Workshops

Good news: these conditions are preventable - simple adjustments to your workday can make a big difference - let us show you how you and your team can implement simple measures for a healthier and happier workplace.  Our 60 - 90-minute corporate wellness workshop will  take place at your office - so you and your team don't have any disruption in your workday.  


What's in it for you and your team

Studies have shown that physical fitness can improve work productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase employee engagement, and prevent burnout. Our corporate wellness workshop will provide you with easy interventions that you can start doing tomorrow. 

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Sush Prusty, M.D.

Sush is an emergency physician and a commercial and FAA certified flight instructor specializing on the prevention of cardiovascular disease with a passion for saving lives in- and outside of the ER. He is also the recipient of several teaching awards and does public speaking  on cardiac disease and heart attack prevention. He will help you to understand how you can adjust your workday for optimal heart health and prevention of lifestyle diseases.  


Rike Aprea, MA, CPT, BCS

Rike is a Personal Trainer, Behavior Change Specialist, and writer with a passion for transforming people's lives through movement and nutrition. She worked in Japan, Korea, Germany and the U.S. During the workshop, she will coach you exercises that will challenge you inside and outside the office. Learn more about her:


Your Health - Your Responsibility

"There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset." Arlen Specter


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